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Elementor 2.1 is coming with new user interface and advanced features that will let you manage your section & columns by simply right clicking on them. You can now add, Modify, duplicate styles and paste it on new page, section or column. Elementor 2.1 addresses the improvement requested by several elementor users. These changes will help users to save more time in designing the pages & styles of the section or elements.

Today we are going to discuss the new features coming with the next major release of Elementor 2.1, which is currently in beta (development phase). As per Elementor official website, this update addresses the issues and improvement recommendations requested by several Elementor users.

How to update your current Elementor version to Elementor 2.1 beta?

To update your Elementor to Elementor 2.1 beta, users are required to login into their WordPress dashboard panel and scroll down to the Elementor>tools>verson control section located at the left side of the panel and enable beta tester option.

After enabling beta tester option, click on check again option from updates section to download the latest Elementor 2.1 beta version. Before upgrading to Elementor 2.1 beta, please note that this version is still in beta version and might contains issues.

Whats new in Elementor 2.1?

New User Interface

Elementor 2.1 has introduced a new user interface, and if you hover over the section area, you may notice new icons that let you add, edit or delete a new or existing section or column. This changes will speed up your workflow at a higher level. Earlier for some reason or due to the other section close to the other section, users were unable to modify, duplicate, add the section. Now, this issue has been noticed and resolved with this update.

Right-Click to modify, duplicate, reset style & delete the section/column

The user can now right-click on a particular section/column to modify, duplicate, reset style, delete or save the section as a new template to their library.

With new Elementor 2.1, users can now copy the section or the styles from the existing section and paste it to another without any issues. This will saves lots of time for the Elementor users. You can also copy & paste sections, columns widgets & styles to different pages

Expand & close the Elements group

Elements section are grouped into Basic, Pro, General & WordPress which can be now closed or expanded so that user can focus only on the required group of elements. It will help the user to navigate to the desired elements quickly.

A new & advanced video element

Elementor 2.1 has added lots of new & excellent options you may like. With new video element, you can now remove the branding from your video uploaded at video streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion. You can also host & post a video from your hosting website & set the start & end time of your video for individual post pages.

You can also enable/disable suggested video & privacy mode option from new video elements in Elementor 2.1. With new Elementor 2.1, users can now set the mobile breakpoint for their website for a smoother mobile experience of their website on mobile devices from the WordPress dashboard panel>elementor>settings>mobile breakpoint.

If you are eager to experience the changes that are coming with the new Elementor 2.1 version, enable the beta tester option in Elementor from WordPress dashboard and check for new updates to download and install Elementor 2.1 beta.

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