We are offering unlimited lifetime license of Wise Registry Cleaner 9 pro to our visitors. This is a limited time giveaway and will ends on 14th Jul-18. To grab your license, simply download the program from the link and install it to activate your free lifetime license for Wise Registry Cleaner 9 pro.

If you are a Windows user, you might has felt that your Windows is started lagging on some point. Do you know the reason behind the slowdown of your Windows PCs? One of the primary reason behind the slow down of Windows system is the junk registry files which are not in use and are left over after application uninstallations.

The simple and most straightforward way to improve your PCs performance includes Disk defragmentations and Junk Registry cleaning. There are several Windows Registry cleaning apps available online, both paid and freeware. But as we know that free applications often come with significant functional limitations, which otherwise can improve your system’s performance to a greater extent.

In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best Registry cleaning apps from Wisecleaner.com. Wise Registry cleaner 9 is available for free as well as for yearly charges for pro version. In often cases, a free version is not as perfect as pro version, However, in Wisecleaner Registry cleaner free many of the advanced features from pro versions are included.

Features available in Wise Registry Cleaner 9

  • Registry Backups: Wise Registry Cleaner 9 automatically creates registry backups for your system and can be used to restore your registry files. Your registry files are automatically backed up to your system before any cleaning is performed.
  • Schedule Registry Cleaning: With Wise Registry Cleaner 9, You can schedule your registry cleaning and program’s updates at a specific date or time. You can schedule it to clean your Registry files on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis.
  • Create Restore Points: With Wise Registry Cleaner 9, you can manually create a restore point and revert to any restore point with just a few clicks from Restore center.
  • Different Modes for Registry Scanning: In Wise Registry Cleaner 9, you have Normal, Safe or Deep registry option to choose from to start your registry cleaning process.
  • Exclude Registry files: You can also exclude specific registry files from being cleaned with Wise Registry Cleaner 9 by mentioning the particular word for such files in Exclusion section.

Benefits of Using Wise Registry Cleaner 9 pro:

  1. Clean and easy to use interface which is cluttered free.
  2. You can schedule registry cleaning.
  3. Registry Scan and cleaning are much faster.
  4. It creates registry backup automatically.
  5. Both Windows installer and Portable version are available.

Benefits of using Wise Registry Cleaner 9:

One of the main reason for using Wise registry cleaner is that it updates every month automatically, so you don’t need to download and install the updates manually everytime. Wise registry cleaner shows the registry paths which need to be fixed and registry paths which are free from issues to help you understand the situation more precisely.

Download Link for Wise Registry Cleaner 9 Free:

Giveaway: Wise Registry Cleaner 9 Pro Unlimited Lifetime License Giveaway:

We would like to thank Mr. Vivian & his whole PR team to offer us unlimited lifetime license of Wise Registry Cleaner 9 pro for our readers. This license can be used for lifetime for current version only, upgrading to any future version will deactivate your this free offer. Please note that license is built into the installer, users are required to download and install the program to activate it. No seperate license key is required for activation.

To download your free lifetime license of Wise Registry cleaner 9 pro, simply perform any of the following action to unlock the download link.

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