We have 3 lifetime commercial license key of Mirrilis Action that supports free upgrades for life and  we would like to offer these licenses to our readers as a part of this giveaway campaign

!We have tested Mirillis Action! 3.0.0 beta version, for our review purpose, to bring our reader’s focus on the new features, which will be introduced in next major final upgrade with Mirillis Action! 3.0, which is due for final release in later this year.

Mirillis Action- Getting started4






It uses Mirillis ultra-fast, multicore optimized, proprietary video codec (FICV – Fast Intra Compression Video standard) which together with highly optimized application engine provides the ultimate performance of real-time HD video recording. Action! screen recorder also captures video directly to MP4 format utilizing NVIDIA NVENC, AMD APP or Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration.

Application’s user interface is one of the main reason, that clearly states why Mirillis Action! is the ultimate Screen and Game recorder application for the window. With simple to use and interactive dark mode user interface, Mirillis Action! 3.0 has much more to offer to the users who are looking for the best recording application. Unfortunately, this application is available for Windows platform only, Which is a major restriction for Mac or users from other platforms.

In video capture Setting section there are 4 different mode for capture, that includes: 1. Game mode, 2. Screen mode, 3. Area mode and 4. Device mode is available to the right side of program’s interface. Before we proceed further, we would like to bring our readers focus on different modes for capturing your screens and the features available in these individual modes.

Mirillis Action - gamemode





  • Game Mode: This mode is used to record your gameplay, which can be used to save recorded video locally using two different video formats that include: AVI and MP4. You can enable or disable hardware acceleration, to improve your system’s performance while recording your game screenplay. With an option to choose the recording video quality from 240p to 1080p is a very impressive feature. You can also customize video frame rate for your recording from 15fps to as high as 120fps.

Additional features, available in Game Mode:

It offers, in addition to all features, available above, Game mode offers, Shift-mode to save your last gameplay action instantly to a file, using Alt + F9 key from your keyboard. It keeps recording all your current gameplay action in a short loop buffer. To know more about Shift-mode, click here

Mirillis Action- Video Capture





  • Screen Mode: In addition to all the features, included with the Game mode, except Shift-mode, Screen mode offers an additional option to choose the active screen area to capture the desired screen area only. This feature can be used to capture video from different active desktop screens. This mode offers you to record your Windows desktop screen with complete privacy. With Screen mode, record only those applications you want to show to others and your rest of windows background will be blacked-out and will be not captured.

Mirillis Action- Area Mode






  • Area Mode: This Mode is used to capture screenshot and record video by selecting the desired area on your screen. This mode also includes drawing-panel to draw the image or text right on your windows screen, to make an interactive professional video. Saved presets can be used or a new preset can be used in the Area mode.

Mirillis Action- Device Mode





Device Mode: This mode is mostly used for live streaming your videos using the built-in Webcam in your system or external Webcam attached to your system. You can manually select the device from which you want to record your video and resolution at which you want to record your video. All the features under this mode are same as discussed for Game mode except Shift-mode, which is available especially for Game mode only. You can now select a device to capture your videos from gaming consoles, other PCs Tv broadcast, Webcams, and Camcorders with Mirillis Action!.

Other features, which are common in all Recording modes:

  • Microphone: You can use this option to manually choose the device, from which you want to record your audio for your video recording. You can either choose to record system’s audio or your own voice in your video, using any microphone device attached to your system. with an option to record audio into a separate media file and manually adjusting system’s and Microphone’s sound. You can also choose the time for delay in microphone sound capture.
  • Webcam: With the Webcam option, you can either choose to record your video using the webcam built into your device or external webcam attached to your device, in all the different recording modes. With an option to choose recording resolution. You can either horizontally or vertically crop your videos and use chroma key function to adjust RGB colors, Threshold and blend for your video in setting section of this option.
  • Graphic overlay: Choose any image and set them as the overlay to make your videos look more professional and to improve the background colors of your videos.

Mirillis Action- Live Streaming





Mirillis action! 3.0 offers integration to different video streaming service providers and it includes Youtube, Twitch.tv, live stream, Ustream, Aliez.tv, Smashcast, and Facebook customizing video sizes and bitrate for your broadcast. With Mirillis Action, you can export and upload your videos to these services as well. Mirillis Action allows the smoothest real-time HD gameplay, displays average and current game framerate (FPS) during the gameplay and also save your benchmark results.

In Screenshot section, you can select image file type (BMP, PNG, and JPEG) and screenshot area to capture the screenshot from your screen. With support for more than 10 different languages for program interface, it provides all the basic customization settings at anyone can ever need, including the option to hide/unhide application while recording.

With an option to record video in ultra high 4k resolution to low video resolution and option to customize bitrate for MP4 media files, Mirillis Action! is overall one of the best screen and gameplay recording application, you will ever need for your Windows system. With Greenscreen mode in Mirillis Action!, you can now cut out the background of your video while recording with your webcam and you don’t need any special camera or another paid application for that.

Mirillis Action! gives you an option to choose your own customized hotkey for each of different activities that it offers for screen and gameplay recording. Unlike Techsmith Snagit, Mirillis action! is the only brand that offers lifetime license subscription with the free upgrade for life for a top class video recording program.


No doubt that TechSmith Snagit and Mirillis Action! are top notch video recording and screen capture tool for windows. But Mirillis action! is the only screen capturing and recording application, that offers gameplay recording, live streaming of your videos plus lifetime license with free upgrades for life. It also cost less than Techsmith Snagit and is available at a very reasonable price of $29.95 only, thus buying a Mirillis Action! license is a one-time investment for you.

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About the Giveaway:

We would like to thank Ms. Anna Wieszczeczynska and Whole Mirillis PR team for providing us 3-lifetime commercial license key of Mirrilis Action! that supports free upgrades for life and we would like to offer these licenses to our readers as a part of this giveaway campaign. To participate in this giveaway follow all the rules as given in the form below.

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