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DesignEvo is a perfect Logo making solution, that offers rich quality and pro features. With DesignEvo Logo Design service, customize your logo, in the way you want. DesignEvo offers Free license, Basic License and Plus License. Choose your license type according to your requirements.

Logo represents a brand for your Business, whether you are a business owner, a blogger or a professional service provider, you need a customized logo to represent your brand which is related with the kind of service or product you are offering to your clients or customers.

You may hire a logo designer to design a perfect logo for your business, but hiring a logo designer is much complicated and may be costlier than designing it by your own, using online predefined templates from several logos designing service providers.

DesignEvo is one among many logo making service providers, that offer rich and quality predesigned templates to choose from, and these predefined templates can be further customized according to client’s need. DesignEvo is currently offering three types of licenses.


  1. Free License: It offers low resolution files and Logo in .png format with background.
  2. Basic License: It offers resolution up to 5000x5000px in .png with transparent background, lifetime support and can be edited or re-downloaded and is ready for print as well.
  3. Plus License: It offers all the features of Basic License along with Vector PDF and SVG files and Copyright ownership.
    Licensing Cost:

Basic license costs for $19.90 and is one-time cost for a particular logo designing, However, Plus license costs for $39.99 and its also a one-time cost for a single logo design.

Features overview:

User Interface: User interface of DesignEvo is pretty basic and easy to use with lots of predesigned templates sub-divided into several categories, which can be further searched using the search bar box. Simply select the desired template and enter your brand name along with the slogan for your business and hit “get the started button” to start designing your logo.

Logo Designing:

  • In Designing section, you have three different section to choose from. Text section contains tons of fonts, sub-divided into BOLD, MODERN(SANS), TRADITIONAL(SERIF), HANDWRITING and FUNNY. Choose your desired font to customize your brand name on the logo. You can also choose several predesigned text arts to give your logo a fresh and unique look.
  • In Icon section: You can search for icons which requests Google to browse through several icons from web and show them right to your design dashboard. You can search logo by brand name such as “Youtube” “Apple,” Microsoft, or you can search Icons by categories like “Technologies,” “Fashion,” “Construction” etc.
  • Predesigned shapes: In Shapes section, choose the shape of your type. These shapes are divided into different categories to make it easy to be searched.

Furthermore, You can change the font, Color, Size, thickness, format and effects for your logo text, and you can be flipped vertically or horizontally your logo icons, and you can also change the layout and background for your logo.

Preview and save your logo.

We suggest you to preview your designed logo, before saving it to confirm that it is showing in the exact way you wanted to. You also can change the pixels for your logo, and increase or decrease the size of your logo.

When you click to save your designed logo, DesignEvo will give you three different options to select license to download your logo logo which includes a Free license, Basic license and a Plus license. Choose the license according to your budget and requirement and enter your payment details not required in the case of Free license) or promo code (if you have any) to Download your logo.

DesignEvo Plus License (2 Nos.) Giveaway.

We would like to thank Ms. Sophia and her team from DesignEvo to offer us 2 Copon codes worth $39.99 each for DesignEvo Plus license to giveaway. This giveaway will start from 7th June 2018 at 4 AM and ends on 15th June 2018 at 4 AM (+5.30 GMT).

To participate in this giveaway, you are requested to:

  1. Like and follow our us at our Facebook and Twitter official page.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletters. (form given at the bottom of the post)
  3. Comment using your wordpress, facebook or twitter account mentioning link to your shared post/tweet.
  4. Winners will be declared on 15th June 2018 and licenses are sent within 24 hours of such announcement.

More about DesignEvo

Winners Declared:

Winners are requested to contact us within next 48 hours to claim their prizes at:

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