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We are giving away 50 voucher codes of Bitport small plan of 1 Month each to our readers. You will get 30 GB of cloud storage, unrestricted & unlimited downloading free for 30 days. First 50 readers who will Comment, Like, Follow & subscribe will get 1 month voucher code for free.

Are you tired of downloading torrent files at slow speed? Torrents are the most sophisticated way to download pirated contents over the network but downloading a pirated content from torrents are illegal and punishable under the cybercriminal laws.

Due to such implications, using a VPN service is mandatory for downloading torrent files. However, a VPN service does not guarantee your privacy and may reduce the overall speed of your internet connection and the speed at which your files are downloaded. Also, VPN services are chargeable at a monthly or annual basis depending upon the VPN service provider. cloud torrenting service

I have been testing service that gives us the power of downloading torrents at high speed over the cloud. is the next generation cloud torrenting service that allows you to download your torrent files at incredibly high speed (in my test a 14gb media file was downloaded in just 5-6 minutes).

Gone are the days when downloading a 14gb torrent file takes 12-24 hrs. With cloud downloading a 14gb media files takes 5-6 minutes only. Your privacy is kept safe as torrent files are downloaded at a Biport’s server located remotely and are encrypted. I have been impressed with the quality of service is currently offering.

Streaming & Plugin integrations

  • Media Streaming: In case, if you are not willing to download the torrent file from the server, you can simply stream the content on your chosen device.
  • Google Drive Sync: also syncs downloaded content to your google drive. (In case, if you have unlimited storage on Google Drive), you can download unlimited torrents without any limitations and will sync them to your Google Drive automatically. To synchronise contents, all you need is to connect your google drive account with your account.
  • Your personal cloud storage: offers 1GB of cloud storage with 1 slot download to free users, 30gb to Small plan subscribers, 100GB to Standard plan subscribers & 250GB to Big plan subscribers.

Main benefits of using bitport torrenting service:

  • You don’t need to install a torrent client (Utorrent, BitTorrent) on your device.
  • Download torrents or files instantly at an incredibly high-speed to your Bitport cloud storage.
  • All your torrents or files are scanned with Nod32 anti-virus at bitport server to protect your device from any online threats.
  • Connection to the server and your activities are encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • keeps an activity log or changelog of your account in the cloud keeping the history of files or torrents downloaded using bitport service.
  • It downloads files or torrents at your cloud storage without using your network data.

How to download files or torrents using Bitport cloud torrenting service?

  1. You can access using your internet browser.
  2. Copy & paste the file download link or torrent’s magnet link, You can also upload downloaded torrent files to your account.
  3. Select your desired location to save the downloaded file (in case you are using Google drive to sync your downloaded contents.
  4. And hit download button to download your torrent files. Once downloaded, the contents are automatically synced to your Google drive, and you can stream your downloaded media contents using your Google drive account or merely click on the download button to download the files on your local storage.

Premium plans features & pricing:

  • A Small plan: is available at a monthly subscription cost of $5 and additional features (not mentioned above) offered with this plan are secured download via HTTPS, Anti-virus check and RSS Downloader support and 30gb of cloud storage, 5 slots for downloading files at a single time with unlimited downloading.
  • A Standard plan: is available at a monthly subscription cost of $10 and it offers (in addition to download via HTTPS, Anti-virus check, and RSS downloader) supports Google drive automatic sync with 100GB of cloud storage, and 10 slots for downloading files at a single time with unlimited downloading.
  • A Big plan: is available at a monthly subscription cost of $15, and it offers (in addition to all features provided in Small & Standard plans) 250GB of cloud storage and 20 slots for download at a time with unlimited downloading.

Click here for more details >>

About Company: is a Czech cloud-torrenting service from provider COOL SHEEP TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. and it is located in Prague. It claims to be the next generation torrent client, offering fast speed and reliability in the torrent concept.

Giveaway: Bit.port Small plan 50 voucher codes for 1 month each

We would like to thank Mr Oliver and the whole PR team of for offering us 50 voucher codes of the Bitport Small plan for 1 month each. We would like to give away these licenses to our readers. Please note that these vouchers come with the following benefits & restrictions:

  • 30 GB of cloud storage for 1 Month.
  • 5 Files can be downloaded simultaneously at a time
  • Access to all Bitport extensions and/or integrations.
  • Support for HD streaming with subtitles.
  • Unlimited file download per day for 1 month.
  • Unrestricted downloading speed.
  • Support data transfer secured by HTTPS.
  • Anti-virus checking.
  • RSS Downloader support.

First 50 readers, who will like, follow comment, & subscribe (all mandatory) will receive a voucher code that can be redeemed to use Small plan free for 1 month with all the features as mentioned above.

In case if you are already following us on Facebook or Twitter and you already have subscribed to our newsletters, you only need to comment mentioning any one feature that you like most in cloud torrenting service.

Please note: Once all the 50 voucher codes are claimed, we will send voucher codes to the participants via email. In order to get voucher code via email, participants are requested to comment using their Google or WordPress account only.

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