We are giving away 2 Nos. 1 Year License key for Adguard Premium valid for installation on 1 PC/Mac+ 1 Mobile device each. This is a limited time license giveaway, valid for 96 hours only and will ends on 17th Jul-18 at 4:00 PM +5:30 GMT.

What is Adguard?

Adguard is one of the most trusted Ads blocker program in the cybersecurity industry. This is a must-have PC & MacOS utility, and everyone should own. Adguard is available in two versions, 1. Free version (with limited features) and 2. Premium version (with no limitations).

I have been using this utility for quite a long time, and i love this program. It blocks all the annoying ads that could have consumed more of internet data as well as not so required annoying popups.

More details on Adguard Premium:

Aguard Adblocker

Adblocker Extensions

Adguard Premium version offers a premium quality adblocker service, which can be enabled or disabled manually and it provides “automatic language-specific adblocker filters” activation, which switches the language-specific-filters appropriately to the websites you visit. You can also enable or disable “do not block useful ads” setting which is helpful and turns on a special filter for unblocking ads, which may be useful to the users. A user can also edit the filter or add or remove one or more filters as well.

Aguard Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode

This model, adds additional security to protect your data from tracking while surfing the internet. You can “hide the search queries” from search engines as well as from websites navigated via search results. “Do-not-track header” requests the web applications to disable either its tracking or cross-site user tracking of an Individual user.

“Remove X-Client-Data header from HTTP requests”  blocks from sending requests to Google domains including Double Clicks and Google Analytics. “Strip URLs from tracking parameters” enables Adguard to strips tracking parameters like utm_* and fb_ref from pages URLs.

Tracking Methods

“Self-Destructing third-parties cookies” destroys third-parties as and when it is saved into your device and are not in use or are obsolete. “Self-Destructing first-party cookies” works same as the “Self-Destructing third-parties cookies” but for requests from the current website only. A user can enable/disable cache for third-parties requests and can also block third-parties Authorization header.

Browser API

Block/unblock WebRTC to protect leakage of your actual IP address from behind while using your proxy or VPN. Block/unblock Push API will help you to enable or disable notifications from servers to which you have been subscribed using your web browser. Block/unblock location API will enable/disable from tracking your geographical location, which otherwise can detect your location and use that information to prioritize specific search results.

Block/unblock Flash to enable or disable the use of Adobe Flash web plugin with your web browser which is becoming more vulnerable to online threats like viruses and hackers. Block/unblock JAVA to enable or disable the use of JAVA plugins of websites which uses JAVA Plugins to provide services or content.

Miscellaneous Settings in Stealth Mode

Users can hide or show the current website from third-parties by replacing referer HTTP headers by enabling or disabling “Hide your referer from third-parties” optional setting. You can also hide your Current IP address to safeguard your browsing or personal information completely.


Browsing Security, Filtered Apps, and Extensions

Browsing Security Module

“Enable/disable browsing security” setting to enable or disable the protection against online threats. The browsing security modules protect from malicious and phishing websites that block malware from being installed on your system automatically. Adguard also notifies you about requests blocked to malware and phishing websites and a user can enable or disable the sound notification for the same.

Filtered App Modules

It filters the traffic in the browsers added to the list in this section. You can manually add or remove web browsers in the list by manually selecting its executable files saved on your storage device.


Extend additional functionality to your Adguard program by enabling extensions. Which can be added or removed manually. Users can obtain more extensions to add more functionality to Adguard from the following Script providers:

  1. Userstyles.org
  2. Greasy Fork
  3. OpenUserJS.org

Adguard Parental Control

Parental Control & Network Settings

Parental Control

This module provides an easy to use and convenient way to protect your children when they are online. This module has safe search to block website containing pornography, explicit, erotic or other unacceptable contents. These contents are excluded from the search results from all popular search engines.

Executable files can be blocked using parental control settings. This will block all executable files from downloads. This will prevent the children from downloading and installing software on your computer.

There are three sensitivity level in this section

  1. Early childhood (applicable to 3 years old children).
  2. Young (Applicable to children of age up to 4-10 years)
  3. Teens (settings applicable to protect children of age from 11 to 13 years)

Password protection for the program can be enabled in parental control setting section. This will protect and restrict others to modify the program’s settings or quit the program from running in the background. You can also add websites to blacklist and whitelist manually.

Network Setting

This section includes all modules to enable or disable the security settings for your network that provides for enabling/disabling “Automatic filter for Application Traffic,” “Using Adguard as an HTTP proxy”  to disable automatic intercept to your application traffic. “Using WFP network driver” to provide modern UI application filtering in Windows 8 or later. “Filtering HTTPS protocol” to filter secure (HTTPS) connections and “Not filtering websites with EV certificates” to excludes those websites from being filtered, which uses extended validation SSL certificates which offers a stronger guarantee for the website owner has passed its identification process.

You can manually manage HTTPS exclusions and reinstall certificates.  Adguard application, by default, uses system’s proxy settings which can be either manually configured or disable to ignore the system’s proxy settings or send requests directly bypassing the proxy server, even if it is configured in System’s settings.


Adguard premium offers more features than any other security, or adblocker service providers does. With an exceptional Ad-blocking and security features, you are now completely safe from online malware or phishing attacks, and you are now free from the annoying ads popups. Install and use either the free version of  this utility with your browser, which can be installed in your Google Chrome browser in extensions settings or buy and use the free 14 days trial of  Adguard premium from here

About Giveaway: 

We are offering 2X1 Year license of Adguard premium version for 1 PC+ 1 Mobile Device each. To win the license, please follow the rules as specified below.

  1. Share this post and like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Comment using your Facebook account, specifying the feature you like most in Adguard premium version along with the link to your shares.
  3. Please mention your email address in your comment, where you want us to send your winning prize.
  4. We will choose 2 winners randomly from the comment box below & send them 1 year license key code to their mail.

This giveaway will be active for 96 hours only

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