If you own Nvidia Shield Tv or had signed up for Nvidia Geforce Now beta program, You can now access all the Games included with Nvidia Geforce Now Subscription for free of cost, for a limited period of time.

This is a really great news for you guys, and I think I should share it with you all.  Two days before I subscribed to Shield preview program and thereafter I accessed the Nvidia Games app on my Nvidia Shield TV and tried to play the game included with Nvidia Geforce Now Monthly subscription.

I got a notice of the updated policy from Nvidia for its Geforce Now Game services and according to this policy, Nvidia had stated that they had removed the restriction for all Nvidia Shield Subscribers and Geforce Now users to access all the games included with Nvidia Geforce Now Monthly subscription service.

Now you don’t need to pay monthly charges for playing these games, which were earlier available at a monthly subscription charge of $7.99. But this offer is limited for a certain period of time and is available until Nvidia releases the Next major version of Nvidia Geforce Now Game service.

However, I still think that it’s a great opportunity for all of us, who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for playing games. To Get Free access to all the games included with Nvidia Geforce Now Game Service, without paying any Monthly rental, Complete the following steps on your Nvidia Shield TV.

  1. Open your Nvidia Geforce Game app on your Nvidia Shield TV and
  2. open any Game that is included for free with Nvidia Geforce Game
  3. You will see the notification of policy update from Nvidia, confirming that all these games have been added to your games library, which you can access for free as they are working on Next major release of Nvidia Geforce Game Service.

We also recommend you to signup for Nvidia Geforce Now Beta program, in case you are unable to access the available offer.

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