The new feature in Twitter app on Windows 10 will now let you translate tweets written in another languages. However, Twitter app on Windows 10 still don't support many features like Twitter WPA does.

The much-awaited-feature for the Twitter app in Windows 10 is ready to appear. Now the new Twitter app in Windows 10 will translate the tweets written in another language. This new feature is already showing up to some users. However, these changes are not showing to everyone (it’s not working in Australia right now).

As we know, Windows Twitter app still doesn’t have all those features (such as support for multiple accounts), offered in a progressive web app (PWA), which was replaced with Windows 10 Twitter app several weeks ago. However, as expected the Windows 10 Twitter app will improve over the time. Developers are working hard to improve the speed at which updates & fixes are delivered.

Do you still love using Twitter progressive web app on your Windows 10 devices? What do you think about the new Twitter app for Windows 10? Please let us know in the comment box below.


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