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The company is headquartered in an Island-nation of Singapore and has been protecting their customer’s privacy since 2007. Despite their quality service, Ivacy is still a relatively unknown brand and is being operated under PMG Private Limited. This company introduced the revolutionary concept of spit tunneling in 2010, that allows users to control the traffic sent through an ISP and the traffic protected by their VPN service.

ivacy multi-platform



Ivacy VPN services are compatible with almost every smart device available in the market right now including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TVs, Routers and even Xbox Gaming Consoles. With over 450 + servers spread across 50+ countries, the Ivacy VPN single subscription supports up to 5 simultaneous connections, allowing users to connect to 5 devices simultaneously using a single subscription account.

In case, if privacy is your priority, then you must choose bare-metal servers from the list of available servers.  And since Ivacy VPN provides detailed information about each of its servers from the server’s list shown in the app, it becomes easy for the users to choose the bare metal servers. Ivacy VPN not only offers P2P torrenting but it offers optimized P2P servers which give best seeding experience for filesharing via torrents.

ivacy features



  • SPLIT-TUNNELING: Allows users to choose programs and apps for VPN tunnel use and to exclude the other apps. Split-tunneling is very useful technology if used for certain reasons such as allowing the specific browser to route all traffic through the VPN to access geo-restricted services and torrent sites.
  • NAT FIREWALL: Nat firewall protects users from hackers by preventing unsolicited new connections. However, once the connection is established incoming connections are permitted. Slowing down of P2P torrenting is the major drawback of using this service.
  • PORT FORWARDING: Port forwarding is required to initiate an incoming connection, that allows the users to connect to a port using the firewall to resolve the slowdown issue caused by a NAT Firewall. NAT firewall with Port forwarding is an add on feature for an additional charge of $1 per month.
  • SECURE DOWNLOADING: Scans all downloads with advanced server level virus and malware protection providing an additional layer of malware protection to your network.
  • DEDICATED IP ADDRESS: A dedicated static IP address useful for accessing media streaming services available to certain geographical boundaries.



It is necessary to protect your online privacy by encrypting your data while accessing public WiFi networks because not doing so can expose your online activities to other peoples. For hackers, public networks are the commonly used networks for stealing user’s information and selling them to the third-parties. Hackers use brute-force attacks by running automated systems on these networks to steal specific information such as your username and password. To protect users from the online threats, Ivacy VPN uses all major protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKv2, SSTP, and 256-bit military grade encryption technology.

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Why you need Ivacy VPN?

  1. Excellent Speed:
  2. Strict Privacy Policy:
  3. Setup & Interface
  4. Optimized Servers for Streaming & Torrenting
  5. Security & privacy
  6. Excellent Support Service:


1. Excellent Speed

Ivacy VPN has won the fastest VPN award in 2019 at Las Vegas for the most secure and fastest VPN service provider at the lowest subscription cost. As per the test conducted on and found the impressive results in the test.


2. Strict Privacy policy

Many VPN services are baselessly advertising Zero logging policy, and this has become trends for almost all VPN service providers. However, unlike other VPN services, I found that Ivacy VPN is the only VPN service which upholds its advertised Zero logging policy.


3. Setup & Interface

Ivacy main screen.

Once you are done downloading and installing the app on your device, you will need to set up an account with an active subscription with Ivacy VPN. We have conducted our tests using Windows & Android apps.


4. Ivacy VPN features

Login into the Ivacy VPN desktop client using the account you have created with Ivacy, you will see a sleek and modern user interface with server dropdown feature on the main screen that allows you to connect to different servers locating at different countries or cities.

Ivacy main screen while connected.

Once you have done selecting the server and connected to that server, you will see the new IP address and the time since you have been connected to that server for the current session.

You can use the left navigation panel to switch to different features such as Secure Download, Streaming, geo-restriction unblocking & more. Servers displayed in each option are optimized for that particular purpose only. Servers displayed in Secure Download are optimized to provide the highest bandwidth possible to download a torrent or other media files from anywhere in the world at the highest download speed possible, whereas Servers in Streaming mode are optimized to provide the highest streaming bandwidth to stream media contents in the best quality provided by the streaming services with zero lag.


5. Settings

In the settings section you manually select different protocols, servers, turn on/off kill switch and split tunneling features. Overall, it’s a well-designed and simple user-interface; users with basic and advanced knowledge can easily use that.

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6. Optimized servers for downloading & streaming

With more than 450 servers spread across 50 countries, you can connect to a server based on your needs from different purpose (Downloading, Streaming or unblocking). As per the test conducted, we are quite impressed with the overall performance of the servers. You can’t expect that much performance from a low-cost VPN service provider but will be surprised by the kind of performance and quality Ivacy VPN provides.


7. Security & Privacy

With multiple protocols like SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP and a military grade 256-bit encryption your all online activities are fully secured and private. Ivacy VPN also offers Split tunneling and DDoS protection, allowing you to split and control the traffic by allowing unimportant data to go without VPN and NAT firewall security. Ivacy’s Zero logging policy gives you 100% privacy and keep your online security safe and invisible from hackers or government authorities.


8. Excellent support

Ivacy VPN offers 24/7 live chat support to its customers in case you ran into any issue or need help for settings up the things. In case if live support agent can’t help you with your issue, you can submit a ticket through the contact form. Since the live support service is outsourced, there may be lack of appropriate technical knowledge among the live support agents or you can also contact with Ivacy using your Facebook or twitter accounts.


9. Pricing Structure


Monthly Plan

  • $9.95/Month
  • $119.4/Year
  • No Savings

1-Year Plan

  • $3.33/Month
  • $39.96/Year
  • $79.44 less than Monthly plan

2-Year Plan

  • $2.25/Month
  • $54/2-Year
  • $184.80 less per year compared to monthly


Special offer: – Buy Ivacy VPN 5-Year subscription at $1.33/Month ($80/5-Year) and save 90% on an existing subscription

With more option to choose from, Ivacy VPN offers an exceptionally lower subscription like NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN. Users can choose different payment methods including MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, or Paymentwall. Like other competitors, Ivacy VPN also offers 7-days money back guarantee.

With such a lower subscription cost (except monthly plan), I wonder how Ivacy’s services match up to their major competitors offering a subscription plan at a higher value.

We are partnering with the Ivacy team to offer 6 Nos. subscription accounts with the validity of 3-months each to the winners. To participate in this giveaway, follow these simple rules.

  1. Subscribe to our Newletters.
  2. Share this post on your social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter)
  3. Share your thoughts on at-least one feature you like most in Ivacy VPN in the comment box blow along with social sharing links to this post.

This giveaway is valid until 12th April 2019 and we will select 6-winners using as on 14th April 2019.


All the participants of this giveaway offer, will receive a 3 -Months subscription account to Ivacy VPN by 1st May-19 through their respective email accounts.

4hamed azhb*****

Thanks for participating in this giveaway and making this giveaway a huge success.

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