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Twitter is offering unlimited full version license of Radiotracker 2018 for free for a limited period. To grab your free license, users are required to download the installer (as given below the post) or from the official giveaway page and install the program during the giveaway period. The license is built into the program itself.

Product’s Description:

The program draws music from Internet radios and cuts them as MP3s – for free and according to the manufacturer quite legally. The program receives live music and news on the online radio. They sound in optimal quality because volume and equalizer controls adjust the sound. If you have found your favourite station, record it.

The timed recording helps when a station usually performs pleasing songs and you are not at home to record. Thanks to so-called mass recording and music-request function, the comfort continues to increase: you hardly need to do anything and receive numerous MP3s in the Windows Music Archive.

Beyond the hottest music, podcasts – playable and storable radio plays, with factual information and/or entertainment. Another area is the management of multimedia files on the hard disk, including music and video file playback.

The overview remains protected thanks to thumbnails, search function and categories. The latter invite you to rummage through, quickly draw attention to new radio stations and podcasts. The country categories are worth a look – or the tips of the ears.

How to Install and activate the free license?

To install, double-click on the setup file of the program. Confirm a user account control warning message that Windows displays. Then you decide between standard and expert installation – the latter can be activated via the radio button and allows the selection of a different installation folder.

In addition, as an “expert” in the facility, you are banning the sending of anonymous usage data to the development team. Without further queries, set up the application in standard mode. A registration or activation by serial number does not apply, the program starts as a full version.

or You can also grab your free license from the official giveaway page >> (this page is not in the English language, use google translate to translate the page into your prefered language.

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