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Twitter & Vijua are partnered together to offer an unlimited license of Kotobee Author Basic Plan 1.4.2 for windows & mac worth $ 40 each. It is a 24hrs limited time giveaway, grab your FREE license while this offer is valid.

Product’s Description:

Kotobee Author is a comprehensive ebook creator and EPUB editor, suitable for textbooks, storybooks, magazines and everything in between. With Kotobee Author you can create interactive ebooks rich with video, audio, 3D visuals, widgets, questions, and more.

Kotobee Author allows you to export to all top platforms, such as EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), Web apps, Desktop apps, and Chrome apps (Android & iOS app export available only for Premium users).

The GOTD exclusive license, allows you to brand your web and desktop apps with your own logo instead of Kotobee’s. You will be allowed 1 month of free software updates.

Click here to grab your FREE license >>

OR go to the official giveaway page

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