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Twitter and Imagisizer are partnered together to offer an unlimited license of Imagisizer PRO Worth $ 29.99 each for free. This is a limited time license giveaway available for 7days for Sharewareonsale visitors only. Grab your FREE license before the offer expires.

Product’s Description:

Imagisizer PRO handles multiple files, folders and file types all at once:

  • batch image resizing
  • multiple files/folder processing
  • multiple file type handling
  • multiple size/file type output
  • compression, filters and effects
  • batch watermarking

Multi-batch image processing

Select any number of files and folders to be processed simultaneously, resize, reformat, watermark, filter and more

You can change the size of your images with Imagisizer. It also allows you to change them into multiple sizes all at once. So if you are needing a larger image and a thumbnail version of a picture or multiple pictures, you can make that selection and the process happens all at once.

Imagisizer will allow you to convert image file types to and from jpg png bmp and gif file types. It also compresses them into a much smaller sized file so you will save on space while maintaining the original quality.

Multifolder Processing
A feature that only Imagisizer has perfected. You can choose as many folders as you want in a single session. Imagisizer will then resize, convert, add whatever effects you want, and place the images in a named folder where the original images are located.

Thanks to our advanced conversion algorithm an image converted into the same file type, size and quality can typically be 1/4 smaller than original file size. Useful if you have a ton of images and want to keep the images’ high resolution but need to save on hard drive space.

Watermarking, Effects and Filters
Imagisizer’s watermarking customization feature allows you to place text or an image over the images in your session. This feature is great for copyright protection and promotion of your photos.

With Imagisizer Pro you have the ability to customize and preview the effects you may want on your images. Sharpen, blur, change the dpi, and add or subtract saturation to your images. You can also add filters like sepia tone, black and white, and Color inversion.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for commercial or non-commercial use
  • You get free updates for same major version
  • No free tech support
  • You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold

Technical Details

  • Developed by Imagisizer
  • Version is v2.1.3.7
  • Download size is 1 MB
  • Supports Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Click here to download the installer & go to the official giveaway page >>


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