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Twitter & IDMB Excel are partnered together to offer an unlimited license of IDMB Excel Supercharger - Lite worth $17 for each license. This is a limited time giveaway valid for today only. Grab your free license before the offer expires.

Product’s Details:

Sometimes we spend so much time in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that we forget that Excel doesn’t really do a great job of communicating information. Sure, you can build and populate cells, but it’s useless if your audience can’t understand what they’re seeing. Thankfully for you, there’s Excel Supercharger – Professional.

Excel Supercharger – Professional is an add-in for Excel that improves Copy/Paste operations, standardizes visual elements, and creates presentations from spreadsheet data. With Excel Supercharger – Professional, you’ll be able to skip the hassle of traditional Copy/Paste with something that’s infinitely better! What’s more, you can quickly and easily bring a common look and feel to all of your spreadsheets, even using a corporate logo.

Best of all, Excel Supercharger – Professional gives you the ability to assemble your numbers and data in a visual presentation that’s instantly understood by all audiences. So instead of spending your time converting Excel data into Word reports or PowerPoint presentations, just sit back and let Excel Supercharger – Professional do it for you! S&OP analysis for meetings, Quotations, Project Reporting… all at the touch of a button.


Our design philosophy was to make everything work with as few mouse clicks as possible.  To achieve this,  we designed our Single-Click interface to speed up the process and simplify user interaction.  This lets you:

  • SinglClick to open either Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • Select what you want and Single Click to Copy and that’s it.
  • Single click to send all Charts, Pivot-Tables or Named Ranges to PowerPoint or Word
  • Setup the data in the destination as a picture, table or object (so you can use Excel in the destination document for further edits) or
  • Setup the data in the destination as a linked object (where changes in the spreadsheet will automatically change the destination)

No more fiddling with Copy and Paste. If there is a document or presentation open, your selection will be added. If not, the Single-Click interface will open up a new document for you. Even better, the copied information will be sized to fit the destination.


Tired of messy printouts?  The ‘Standardize’ buttons will create a common look and feel to all of your worksheets and add a corporate logo to the header.  It will also size the output to fit on a single page wide.  Essential when asking senior staff to look at raw spreadsheet output.

Working in excel is brilliant for getting together numbers/data and processing it to develop insight.  However, this is all in vain if you can’t publish it in a way that management can comprehend… and one thing Excel does not excel at is a presentation.

It is estimated that worldwide billions of man-hours are spent every month simply converting Excel data into Word or PowerPoint information.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it more easily and in less time?

Most businesses keep track of performance based on data collected in spreadsheets.  Then the department team spends hours every week wrangling this data into something meaningful for management reporting. This is a crucial step in keeping performance on the track, but it needn’t drain management resources from the day to day running of the business.

With many years of experience managing all sizes of departments, IDMB Advisory technical staff have developed tools to cut down this time and produce reports at the click of a button.  Spend time managing the business by using the IDMB Excel Add-In to automatically generate your reporting packs.


  • Weekly departmental reports
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales and Operations Planning packs
  • Production performance
  • Quotation generation
  • Enquiry and margin analysis
  • Risk Register
  • Milestone Reports
  • Continuous improvement plans

To claim your free license, go to the official giveaway page >>


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