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Twitter & ToolMedias are partnered together to offer unlimited lifetime license of Photo Print Pro 7.9.3 worth $55 each for free. This is a limited time unlimited license giveaway, valid for 24hrs only. In order to claim your free license, users are required to download, install and activate the program during the giveaway period.

Product’s Description:

  1. Easyboost Photo Print enables you to print photos in a variety of sizes on a single sheet of paper or print multiple layout pages at one time.
  2. Templates are customizable, with users able to vary the size of their photos and prints according to their needs;
  3. Advanced colour adjustment controls allow for the correction of any exposure mistakes as well as the application of techniques to bring true creativity to your images;
  4. The smart feature automatically calculates the best size, zoom and colour enhancement etc to produce the best quality picture.
  5. With a simple, easy to use layout and control panel, Easyboost PhotoPrint software is suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals;

Technical Specs:

Download your Photo Print Pro 7 free license from here>>

OR go to the official giveaway page.


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