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Twitter & allmynotes are partnered together to offer an unlimited license of  AllMyNotes Organizer worth $ 34.00 for free. This is a limited time giveaway, valid for today only. Grab your free license before the offer expires.

Product’s Description:

AllMyNotes Organizer is the easiest way to keep all of your notes organized in an electronic format that’s fully searchable! Free of bloat and sporting an attractive interface, AllMyNotes Organizer lets you focus on writing and organizing your notes, ensuring that you’ll use it more and more each day.

Imagine typing a URL and having it automatically transform into a hyperlink, or jotting down an email address that then becomes a live link as soon as you enter it! Backup is automatic when you exit AllMyNotes Organizer, or more frequently if that’s your preference.

With its powerful Global Search feature, you’ll be able to perform advanced boolean searches across every single note in your database, ensuring you’ll be able to retrieve anything you need, anytime you need it. Plus, all of your notes can be exported to RTF, HTML, and plain text format!

AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to easily create fully sortable, editable, and merge-able tables within your notes. It allows you to attach files to your notes, and if they are images, to view a preview. You can insert Icons and clickable checkboxes… heck, you can even ctrl+click on a telephone number to launch it via Skype, TAPI, or NetMeeting!

Have you ever had your confidential information compromised? With AllMyNotes Organizer, all of your data is securely encrypted at all times using an 1800-bit cypher, and you can even have the added security of password protection.

You’ll appreciate the high level of flexibility in AllMyNotes Organizer‘s customization options! You can change the look and feel of AllMyNotes Organizer using skins, and there’s even support for a multitude of languages.

Please note: AllMyNotes Organizer can be installed and launched directly from a USB device. Fully portable!

Product Features

  • Organize your notes in a fully-searchable electronic database.
  • Enjoy convenient perks such as automatic hyperlinking of URLs and email addresses.
  • Secure your personal data using a password and strong encryption.
  • Quickly dial a phone number (via Skype, NetMeeting, TAPI) by ctrl+clicking on phone number anywhere in the text!
  • Priorities can be assigned to the hierarchy tree (useful for project-management). In addition, users can utilize hierarchy background colouring.
  • Deleted items are now moved to the Recycle Bin folder to avoid accidental permanent deletion.
  • Includes advanced spell checking capabilities.
  • Can be launched and operated directly from a USB device making AllMyNotes Organizer fully portable!
  • Includes a comprehensive alarm and reminder system. Alarm objects can be inserted anywhere in the text! Supports repeating alarms.
  • Sort folder contents by name/date/creation/etc.
  • Restrict access to individual folders with passwords.
  • Creates automatic data backups every 4 hours as well as upon exit from the application. Backup archives are kept for 7 days.
  • Create internal hyperlinks between notes.
  • After you purchase you will receive a download link to install the software
  • Download available for: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit)

To download your installer click here >>


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