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Twitter and are partnered together to offer unlimited 6 months license of Wise Anti Malware Pro Worth $ 29.96 for each license. This is a limited time giveaway. Grab your FREE license before offer expires.

Product’s Overview :

Wise Anti Malware safeguards your PC in real time against viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, and even phishing attempts. With Wise Anti Malware, you’ll benefit from three shields in the form of Malware Detection, Adware Detection, and Registry Protection, which protects against programs adding unwanted startup items to your system.

How is Wise Anti Malware so effective? The program uses a comprehensive virus database that contains definitions covering all of the threats that you can face. Besides actually evil applications, Wise Anti Malware also can put a stop to ad-driven interruptions, as well as improve system performance through the removal of junk files, cookies, and more!

After you download and install the program from the link below for Wise Anti Malware, it may be used for 6 months.

Click here to download the installer

Note: This is a pre-activated installer that does not require a license key

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