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ComputerBuild is offering unlimited license of Screen Video recorder 2018 to its visitors. This is a limited time unlimited activation giveaway, valid for a certain period. To grab your free license, simply download and install the program on your device from the special link as given at the end of the article.

Product’s Overview:

ScreenVideo 2018 captures actions on the desktop as Ultra HD video. For example, you can use the free video capture program to create screencasts and tutorials, as well as for educational purposes. Use multiple monitors, select a screen for the video screenshots and choose the desired sound sources such as a microphone and/or system sounds. The mouse pointer can be shown or hidden when desired when filming. “ScreenVideo 2018” records either the full screen or an area marked with the mouse. When the recording is done, set the export rate, sound quality, and image resolution, and specify the format: MP4, WMV, or WebM.

About ScreenVideo 2018 (COMPUTER IMAGE Edition)

If you want to capture video content as a video (for educational purposes, as a screencast for gaming portals or as documentation for a hotline), you need a screen recorder such as the free software “ScreenVideo 2018” exclusively for free download from COMPUTER BILD is available. Thus even beginners with a few mouse click uncomplicated record their desktop as SD or Ultra HD video. Optionally, the video screenshots use the full screen or a rectangular area marked with the mouse. If you have multiple monitors, select the screen you want to capture. Of course, the sound is also recorded next to the picture. You selectively turn sound sources such as system sounds or a microphone on or off for comments.

Record screencast video in 4K

The handling of the “ScreenVideo” software is very easy. After you have recorded a video, you finally determine in which format or in which image quality the clip should be exported. Profiles give you the choice of SD to Ultra HD. You can also make individual settings. The frame rate and sound quality make “ScreenVideo 2018” flexible. Supported are 15, 24, 30 or 60 frames per second and a minimum resolution of 64 kbps and a maximum of 384 kbps. The free COMPUTER BILD edition exports your clips either as MP4, WebM or WMV.

To Get your free license, Simply download the installer from this link and install it on your device to activate the program. You don’t need any serial key for activation.

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