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Twitter and are partnered together to offer unlimited Lifetime license of Wise Hotkey .This is a limited time & lifetime license giveaway. Grab your FREE license before offer expires.

Product’s Overview :

Quick start or quick switch any application, folder or website by using keyboard shortcuts

Wise Hotkey is a simple and easy-to-use program that can help you improve the efficiency of using the computer. It can implement that quick start or quick switch any application, folder or website by using keyboard shortcuts. When we use a computer in our daily life, we run certain programs every time. With Wise Hotkey, you can launch these applications by keyboard shortcuts. It saves time to find and mouse click. Users not only can add frequently used applications but also can add folders or URLs.

Have you ever used ‘Win/Alt + Tab’ to switch? Do you feel it works very slowly? With Wise Hotkey, you can switch to the precise application by a single keyboard shortcut. Wise Hotkey allows users to customize their own shortcut key. Users can create a shortcut key for applications according to their own keyboard operation habits.

  • Product homepage: Wise Hotkey
  • Company homepage:
  • Giveaway limitations: Has no using time limitation, but can’t support upgrading

Get your serial key: Download product from here

No serial key needed. Just install the application to activate your free license.

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