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Twitter & are partnered together to offer an unlimited license giveaway of Excel URL Validator 1.2 worth $25 each for free. This is a 24hrs limited time giveaway valid for today only. Users are required to download install and activate their free license during the giveaway period only.

Product’s Description:

Excel Url Validator is a Software that can Search for URLs in Excel SpreadSheets and Validate the URLs to find Broken Links.

  1. Process SpreadSheets in Bulk- Finds URLs from a Collection of Excel Files
  2. Finds all Broken URLs including 404,403,505 Errors
  3. Automated and Easy to use User Interface
  4. Saves Separate Excel/Text File Reports for Easy Identification

Main Features:

Check URLs for Errors
Validate Urls within Excel Files to Find Broken URLs.

Detects URLs from Excel Files
Scans Multiple Excel SpreadSheets and Finds URLs for Validation.

Bulk Process Excel Files
You can Process Excel SpreadSheets in Bulk. All URLs from these files will be Extracted and Validated.

Separate or Single Report
Easily readable URL Validation Report for Individual Files in .xlsx or .txt Format.Optionally Generate Single Report.

Add from Folder or Device
Excel URL Validator can Search for Excel Files within a Folder or Device and add it for Processing.

Easy to use Interface
The Innovative and Easy to Use Interface abstracts away all complexities of making Excel Url Validator very Easy to use.

It is a tough task to check the Validity of URLs located within Different Work Sheets of Excel Files. The task gets even tougher when URLs within Multiple Excel SpreadSheets needs to be Validated for Errors.

Excel URL Validator Makes this task easy for you by bringing the process of Extracting and Validating URLs located within Different Worksheets of Excel Files under a Single Workflow.

  1. Process Excel SpreadSheets in Bulk
  2. Extracts all URLs within all Worksheets of selected Excel Files
  3. Validates the URLs for Errors and Shows Results in Easy to Read Format
  4. Add all Excel Files from Folder or External Device
  5. Automatic Searching and Adding of Excel Documents(.xlsx)
  6. Separate URL Validation Report for Each Excel Document in .xlsx or .txt Format
  7. Easily Validate Excel SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Work Reports to Check if the
  8. Links Built are Working

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Technical Specs:

Click here to download your free license for Excel Url Validator 1.2 

OR Go to the official giveaway page


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