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Kerish Doctor 2018 identifies waste, garbage, cache files, similar files and empty folders of software that many cleaning software does not fear and overlooks without examination. These include Microsoft licensed software and the best Antivirus programs.

Product’s Description:

Kerish Doctor 2018 is a Windows Maintenance Program with the latest advanced features. Kerish Doctor continues to focus on unique system features and innovations. Performs real-time computer maintenance to prevent and repair Registry errors and crashes of your Windows system.

Kerish performs safe cleaning by removing unneeded files and lost memory-consuming programs on your PC and increasing the performance of your computer. Kerish Doctor 2018 protects your system against malicious software and potential security vulnerabilities by finding all vital System security Vulnerabilities.

System Maintenance and Repair with Kerish Doctor 2018 Plus Security;

If your computer is valuable to you, Kerish is a system optimization software that provides detailed, repair, maintenance, privacy, cleanliness and security by using an audible warning system, while at the same time paying more than 50% of TOP. Kerish Doctor 2018 is a program that finds, fixes and customizes all your performance-related exploits.

Kerish Doctor 2018 Full Key Features

  • Real-time repair of Windows errors
  • Finding the right registry errors
  • Monitor temperature monitoring
  • Clear trash (Digital)
  • Clear invalid and outdated application cookies
  • Invalid shortcuts and items to be cleared
  • Increase game performance
  • Optimize Windows settings / system services
  • Optimize Internet speed
  • Protection against malware
  • Finds and removes Windows security vulnerabilities.
  • PC blog monitoring etc.


  • System Registry fixes errors.
  • Prevents Windows crashes.
  • PC provides temperature control.


  • Cleans old software.
  • Clears unnecessary files.
  • Edit menu and shortcuts.


  • Accelerates games and applications.
  • Provides overall performance boost.
  • Optimizes your Windows settings.


  • Eliminate potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Malware protection
  • Windows provides startup control.

Why is it necessary to use Kerish Doctor?


It warns you when any movement on your computer has occurred. It gives you a lot of information about the changing software. In the lower right corner bubble and voice warning system gives you a sweet smile.


Your computer alerts you by finding programs that want to hurt your system and openings in your Windows settings by running maliciously stealthy malicious software with intelligent scanning and detection methods. Kerish Deblocker protects you with solid rules or quarantine menu. With the constantly updated Antivirus Database, the latest viruses logically and intuitively alert you with motion tracking and detection of changes. Kerish Dockocker function, even if you have blocked the program, CPU and  Memory performance continues to protect your computer.

* Hardware Failure and Pre-Detection and Prevention of System Collapse;

It keeps track of the most important parts of the operating system, detects it intuitively and warns you against any malfunctions that may occur in the system and in your system. As an example; It monitors many hardware such as HDD, SSD, DVD, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Power Supply, Display Card and Ethernet Card and alerts according to CPU and Memory operation. It is also helpful to find errors, such as whether they originated from hardware, were not installed, and did not work. In the latest version of Kerish Doctor, it is possible to detect and repair the latest hardware defects and hardware installation problems.

* Smart PC Cleaning;

It identifies waste, garbage, cache files, similar files and empty folders of software that many cleaning software does not fear and overlooks without examination. These include Microsoft licensed software and the best Antivirus programs  .

* Smart Update;

Once you purchase Kerish Doctor 2018, you do not pay any additional fees for one year. There are no unnecessary updates when you buy licenses, updates are free for 1 year. But you can use it for free for 1 year by taking advantage of the campaign we have organized.

* Intelligent solution to the problem of freezing and rubbing;

If Kerish Doctor 2018 finds malware, press the “Esc” key for 10 seconds with the Kerish Dockocker method activated if the PC screen is colliding. The Kerish Dockocker method helps you to shut down the problem that caused the screen to freeze or freeze the system by switching on.

* Optimization for Game Consoles;

The Game Booster allows many Windows applications to use less CPU and Memory temporarily. With the “Add Game” option offered to you, you will not have to do this in all games. Moreover, it automatically restores your computer when you close the game. Do not worry; Game Booster mode does not stop or shut down Windows critical software.

* Easily transfer your files to the cloud;

Kerish Cloud, cloud installed on your computer, software that sends your information, and so on. and prevents those who wish to copy and seize this information.

* Wonderful Recycling;

You can restore your accidentally deleted files simply and safely.

* The Internet is now more secure;

Get rid of browser tracking and internet history. Kerish Doctor 2017 is secure and never gives you permission to access your information.

*Black list;

You can always turn off the essential software that comes out and annoying but sometimes you do not.

  • Are you tired of spending money on your computer now?
  • You can ensure that all functions of your old computer are working stably.
  • Moreover, you can use many features with the free version.
  • Now the faulty one was time too! In addition, predefine very expensive hardware failures.
  • Get in the way of your impatience and PC crashes! Do not take a break while playing games.
  • For less than $ 10, you can get new viruses, hardware failures and many more intelligent features.

The Smart Update system constantly and regularly updates the software database developed by experts. This feature continuously improves the efficiency of Kerish Doctor 2018 and makes it one of the best programs in its class. Click here to read more >>

Go to the official giveaway/contest page >>

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