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According to a new video uploaded on Twitter by WalkingCat (@h0x0d) showcasing the return of Movies Anywhere service on Microsoft Movies & TV, do you think that this move may ensure a bright future for Microsoft's Movies & TV services?

According to a new video uploaded by Microsoft leaker WalkingCat (@h0x0d) on Twitter, which shows the introduction of Movies Anywhere Service confirms that this service is returning to Microsoft Movies & TV.

When Microsoft announced to drop support for Groove Music, the news was circulated confirming the discontinuance of support for Disney Movie Anywhere on Microsoft Movies & Tv. However, Disney Movie Anywhere supports for Microsoft Movies & TV was dropped in September 2017, a month before opening up this service for other film studios.

For those, who don’t know about Movies Anywhere service, It’s a service from The Walt Disney Studios that allows users to stream their digitally purchased movies from one service to another. The service was initially named as Disney Movies Anywhere which includes Movie streaming services including Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Walt Disney.

Back in November 2017, the support for Movies Anywhere service was dropped for Microsoft Movies & TV leaving several users behind who had invested their money on the platform. The uploaded video on Twitter is styled in the same manner as an official introductory video on official Movies Anywhere channel on YouTube but with minor differences.

However, the uploaded video doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of the rumour as there is no any official confirmation from the Movies Anywhere officials until now. As per a report in March 2018 by confirming the situation where Microsoft was in talks with Disney to rejoin Movies Anywhere.

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft was working on to add support for Movies Anywhere service on its Microsoft Movies & TV app for iOS and Android platform.

In case, if the video uploaded on twitter is real and if Microsoft’s Movies & TV rejoins the Movies anywhere services to add support for Movies Anywhere on Movies & TV app on iOS and Android, the service will add support for Windows & Xbox also.

What do you think about the Movies Anywhere support on Microsoft’s Movies & TV? Does this move ensure a bright future for Microsoft’s Movies & TV services? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

Source: WalkingCat (Twitter)

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