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The Romanian-based VPN service was founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, by Robert Knapp. With over 30 million users all over the world, they're true privacy fighters and the first ones in the industry to ever publish a Transparency Report.

CyberGhost VPN

User-Interface 9.5
Features 8.5
Affordable pricing 9.5
Streaming performance 8.5
Easy to use 8.5


  • Nice & Clean UI
  • Affordable Pricing Plan
  • Optimized Servers for Streaming & Downloading
  • Easy to use


  • Doubtful Parent Company
  • Bad user's reviews on Internet

CyberGhost VPN- Company info

The Romanian-based VPN service was founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, by Robert Knapp. With over 30 million users all over the world, they’re true privacy fighters and the first ones in the industry to ever publish a Transparency Report. The CyberGhost VPN team now has over 90 professionals spread across 3 countries.


New features introduced in CyberGhost version 7

  • One-click VPN connection: It encrypts your network traffic with just one click
  • Smart Rules: Customize how CyberGhost VPN protects your privacy by assigning specific triggers for different actions. Set smart rules for your Wi-Fi.
  • Best Location: Now the program will help you select the fastest server based on your location for safe and smoother browsing experience.
  • Multiple Protocols: You can now tweak your settings to use your favorite protocols without worrying about your online privacy as you are always protected with CyberGhost’s robust 256-AES encryption technology to seal your data.
  • Easier to use than ever: To use CyberGhost VPN you don’t need to be an IT specialist. The new app is clean, designed attractively and guarantees instant, effortless VPN protection.
  • Use the filter to find servers: You can now filter the CyberGhost VPN servers based on your needs. Whether it’s streaming or torrenting, they got you.


CyberGhost VPN Highlights

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVANISH, PrivateVPN, PureVPN & HIDE MY ASS are some of the major VPN service providers in the market right now offering support on up to 3 devices simultaneously for a single subscription cost. Among these (listed above) VPN service providers, CyberGhost VPN holds the third-position after ExpressVPN and NordVPN and is the only VPN service provider that offers support on up to 7 devices simultaneously with just one subscription.

When it comes to online privacy protection, VPN is no doubt the most powerful tool for protecting your online privacy. VPN is used to encrypt & hide user’s internet activities to keep them secure from online hackers or government bodies. With more than 3,500 servers in 60+ countries, CyberGhost VPN service is compatible with most of the devices, including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

CyberGhost VPN also allows users to set up a custom connection using the Linux devices or routers by connecting them to your router. Also, support for all major protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, and AES256 bit encryption support is one among many other reasons for choosing CyberGhost VPN service.

Reasons for choosing CyberGhost VPN service

  • AES 256-bit encryption and open VPN along with optional tunneling protocols
  • The prices are affordable
  • Currently has over 30 million users
  • By using CyberGhost VPN, you’re 100% protecting your privacy



When it comes to the overall experience from the user’s perspective, CyberGhost VPN software is easy to install, and for the non-technical users, an installation guide can be easily obtained from the CyberGhost official website. And just like major VPN service providers including ExpressVPN and NordVPN, the user interface of CyberGhost VPN software is very clean, simple and easy to use. You can run up to 7-devices simultaneously from a single subscription while keeping your home computer and mobile safe from online privacy hacks.


Online Media Streaming & Torrenting

Trying to access geo-restricted media contents while traveling abroad? Well, CyberGhost VPN has everything that you will ever need to access media streaming services from anywhere in the world. The servers optimized for streaming give you a great experience with services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Premium & many more.

Downloading media files or software via torrent sites is illegal and downloading the files via torrent sites is also very risky. To help protect your privacy while downloading files from any torrent sites, CyberGhost hides your sensitive data and online identity from hackers and respective government agencies with 256-AES encryption technology. CyberGhost VPN has made it a lot more simple and easier for you to help you connect with servers especially optimized for torrenting.


CyberGhost additional features

  • Ad-blocker:  CyberGhost supports ad-blocking feature to stop annoying and intrusive ads, banners and videos to save your data and protect your children from pornography.
  • Blocks Malicious sites: It auto-blocks malicious and harmful contents from the websites or filters the websites containing malicious and detrimental contents.
  • Automated HTTPS Redirects: Force your connection from non-https to HTTPS to ensure you browse the most secure version of any website.
  • Data Compression: CyberGhost VPN compresses images and other digital contents to keep your data cost under control by reducing your overall internet usage.
  • Auto-connect on Startup: This feature allows the program to initialize a new connection to the selected VPN server whenever CyberGhost app starts.
  • Auto-connection to a new encrypted Wi-Fi: Users can now set the rules for the new Wi-Fi network and CyberGhost app will auto-connects the users to their selected VPN server whenever the user connects to the selected Wi-Fi network. You can also customize your protection in the way you want by setting your CyberGhost to the known networks.
  • Automatic Kill-Switch: CyberGhost VPN supports automatic kill-switch feature and in case, if your VPN connection does happen to drop out, the automatic Kill-Switch feature in CyberGhost VPN automatically shutdowns any site or software that is being utilized to hack into your system. The best advantage of using CyberGhost VPN service comes out to offer a more streamlined and quicker way in the way you want for launching your web-browser at the same time as the VPN server.

VPN Protocols

CyberGhost supports OpenVPN which is well known for its speed and reliability. It’s open-source software, the company does also support IKEv2 on iOS, Windows & Linux as well as the older L2TP on Windows and Linux.

Speed and performance

Increase in latency and decrease in download and upload speed is the major concern while using any VPN service because a VPN doesn’t route your internet traffic most efficiently instead of having it jump through hopes for security’s sake. I run some tests using Ookla’s internet speed test tool which tests the download, upload speed and latency of the internet.

The first test was conducted by connecting to the server recommended by the app (Mumbai). The original download, upload speed and latency of my network are 14.10Mbps, 3.03Mbps and 99ms. However, the resulting speed after connecting to the recommended server (Mumbai) was 7.5Mbps, 2.5Mbps, and 91ms. The resulting speed, when connected with the USA server, was 8.5Mbps, 1.65Mbps, and 359ms and the resulting speed when connected to the UK were 3.79Mbps, 2.31Mbps, and 205ms. Connecting to the VPN server outside India gives a lot more increased latency rate while the USA server has outperformed the download speed and latency as compared to the recommended server speed results.

Pricing and availability

For most the VPN companies, these services are chargeable on Monthly or annual basis. These services are used to hide online identity and unlock geo-restricted contents including the media streaming services. Among all major VPN service providers, CyberGhost has excellent pricing options. A one-month plan with CyberGhost costs $12.99, and a Six-months plan costs $47.94, 12-months and 18-months plan will cost for $63  & $49.95 only.

Monthly subscription cost of CyberGhost ($12) is quite a bit higher than the current industry average of $10.38 per month. However, the 18-months subscription plan cost of $63 ($3.5 per month) is the lowest when compared with any major VPN service providers. CyberGhost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for 6-months and 12-months plans.

FLASH SALE: 2.75/Month at $49.5 for first 18 Months 


Personal information can be disclosed to third-parties

Using any security software for hiding privacy requires trust of the customers towards the company offering such services that the services which are being used will not expose you to the other dangers, particularly in the case of VPN. CyberGhost does collect some information for billing and network maintenance purpose. In some cases, when the policy outlines some situations, the required details are transferred to the third-parties while keeping your personal information safe which is associated with your online activities.

However, personal information can be disclosed as a part of an investigation in case of any crime or breach of the company’s terms of service. The company has also disclosed this information in their terms of service by stating “when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our [website].”

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Final Verdict

CyberGhost does everything a user can ever expect from the best VPN service providers. With an easy-to-use interface and a strict No logs policy, CyberGhost is a great VPN. Its plans are affordable, and the servers speeds are better than what the competition offers.

The built-in ad-blocker could be more aggressive, and the Windows apps sometimes freeze for 20-30 seconds when trying to connect to a server for the first time. CyberGhost is continuously adding more servers and locations around the world while making the application UI more attractive and easier to use, and I am sure that it will be going to be the best VPN service provider sometime in the future as well.

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