Some common issues, being faced by users, who had upgraded their Shield device to Latest Shield Experience 7.0 are....

Nvidia had released its much-anticipated shield experience 7.0 about a week ago, since then several issues have been reported by users who had upgraded their shield device. However, many other users didn’t get this upgrade for their shield device as Nvidia was stage wise rolling out this update.

Ever since  the release of Shield Experience 7.0 upgrade which not only brings security, stability and performance improvement but also upgrades your Nvidia Shield OS from Nougat 7.0 to Oreo 8.0, Among reported issues, one serious issue as reported by users is the breakdown of Ethernet and WiFi network connection, where a shield device drops the network connection in every 15 minutes.

Some users may not have experienced these issues after upgrading their Nvidia Shield devices, but other users had reported these issues at Nvidia Geforce forum.  Nvidia has stopped rolling out the update to other shield device users, after noticing the reported issues but those who already had upgraded their shield device are stuck with these problems until Nvidia issues another update to fix these issues.

Nvidia had notified all shield device user by posting a sticky thread at Nvidia Geforce forum:


If you are a Shield preview program member, you may have access to “Shield Preview Program”  a private thread at and you can directly access Nvidia official announcement post from there.

Once these issues are fixed, Nvidia will resume the upgrade for Shield Experience upgrade 7.0 to all shield users. But those who have already upgraded their Nvidia Shield device and are facing any of these problems after upgrade can search for “NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 Recovery OS Image 6.3 ” and download the flash recovery image from: and follow the instructions noted in the right column just below the download link.

The common issue that users are facing after upgrading their Shield device to Nvidia Shield Experience 7.0 are:

  1. Network drops frequently on both Ethernet & WiFi.
  2. Presumably because of this Plex is unstable and kicks you off.
  3. Kodi refused to load to the point I gave up and reinstalled.
  4. TVDB info Scanners no longer work on SPMC/Kodi, tried updating but no joy.
  5. CPU load no longer shows in Kodi / SPMC.
  6. On waking the shield, there is no output/display available to Yamaha receiver even when manual switching HDMI afterwards.

Shield device users were excited to upgrade their device to the latest Shield Experience 7.0, but now they have to wait for a little more until Nvidia fixes these issues and resumes the upgrade roll out again.

The next update to fix these common issues will be released by Nvidia team as soon as possible as they are already working on it.

Click to  Know more about the features and changes contained in Nvidia Shield Experience 7.0 upgrade

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