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Aomei Backupper Network helps you to create and manage backup tasks for all the client's system using a single cental management system (also known as server)

These days, technologies are getting more and more advanced everyday and using these latest technologies makes our life easier whether at a personal or at a professional level. In professional life, if you are a technical administrator and its your profession, that you have to manage the entire system located at your company’s network with the help of a single computer management system.

It’s very difficult for a computer administrator to control almost every aspect of the computer resources, services on every device that are using the identical network or are on the same network. Until now, you may have got various options to control the system backups on network computers. They may be complicated or expensive to employ in case the program that is being used is costly or has not a simple user interface.

Aomei Backupper Network V1 is the latest and final version and a new-product addition by Aomei-Backup-Utilities company, but its free, Simple and easy to use. We recommend you to use this program to manage the system & files’ backup for all your computer resources using a single computer management system.

Aomei Backupper Network is a free centralized backup management program that facilitates you to manage for all your desktop pcs, laptops and virtual machines within the LAN using a single central management computer to create backup tasks. Aomei Backupper Network is available at free of cost, and will help you to cut down your administrative backup costs.

Aomei Backupper Network Overview

With Aomei Backupper Network and a central server, you can start, schedule, stop and monitor backup jobs remotely for all your clients within the network. For this you have to.

  1. Install Aomei Backupper Network on your central management computer, which will act like a server to control all other computers within the network.
  2. Install Aomei Backupper Network (client program) on other computers, you would like backup.
  3. Use your central management computer to see the list of all computers within the same network on which you have installed Aomei Backupper Network (client program) in “computer>uncontrolled computers” and to get permission to remotely control your clients, program will send Authorization requests to all your client’s computer, or you may use the username and password of your client computers as well.
  4. Now you are all set to perform backup tasks for all your client’s system and save the backup images to a NAS or network shared storage.

Key features of Aomei Backupper Network.

  • Central Backup system: Create a single task to backup for your client’s systems, disks or partitions to a network share or NAS.
  • Automatic Scan: Program on central management computer, auto scan and list the name of your client’s computers available for backup within the network. You need to enter login information of your client’s computer to control them.
  • Group Client Computers: Group your client’s computer according to the priorities which also helps you to divide your client’s computers into different groups making it easy for you to manage these systems. You can group your client’s computers according to the departments such as Finance, Sales, Technical dept.
  • Schedule Backups: To automatically run full, incremental or differential backups on your client’s computer, you can set up the schedules. Automatic backup can be performed on daily, weekly, Monthly or on any event such as system startup, system shutdown, etc.
  • Flexible Backups: Program allows you to perform disk and partition backups where you can choose what will be backed up by creating a template based on one of the client’s computer or choosing specific disks, partition number, drive letters or partition labels to match.
  • Complete Backup Settings: You can customize your backups using your preference and needs, by adding comments, encrypting backup images with passwords, choosing backup compression level, splitting backup images and so on.
  • Log Reports: View backup status at a glance to examine any backups and diagnose any problems. You can also generate log reports (HTML format) with a single click.
    Remote Client Management: The centralized client’s management tool enables you to remotely install, update or uninstall Aomei Backupper client program from computers you would like to backup.
  • Cross-Segment Backups: Support to backup client’s computers in IP segments that differs from central computer.
    Add-Offline Computers: You can also schedule automatic backup tasks for offline computer and these computers will automatically execute the backup task once they are online.
  • Installation Packages with Authorization Code: Create an installation package with authorization code. Once the client computer installs the package, the cental computer will be automatically authorized with control permission.
  • Network Share/ NAS Management: Add or remove network share/NAS on frequently used list and manage the account, password and storage.
  • Email Notification: Server program sends email notifications of backup results or low disk space warning in a NAS or network share.

Our takes on Aomei Backupper Network:


  • Program installation took just 15 seconds, and the user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It has all the options that allow you to configure the backup tasks as per your needs.
  • It’s free to try & use, that helps you to save extra bucks on your administrative costs.


  • Aomei Backupper Network is new in the market that means, maybe you may suffer from the quality of the product that other developers may offer at a cost, but since Aomei Backupper Network is available at free of cost, this may not be a huge deal breaker for you and others as well.

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