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Microsoft and Amazon are working on a feature that will integrate Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana voice assistants together on Windows 10. This feature is still in beta phase and is available to U.S and Canada Citizens only.

In a new video from Windows central, which showcases the amazing integration of Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10. As we already know that Microsoft and Amazon are partnered together to introduce Alexa voice assistant in Windows 10 supported devices along with Cortana voice assistant.

This feature is still in beta and is available to the U.S. and Canada users only. This is the first step taken by any other tech company to bring dual voice assistant support under a single platform. These company will collect user’s feedback and the usage pattern to take further steps to add new features along with refinement to the existing features.

The video showcases the integration between both these voice assistants. However, the animation and placeholder are not impressive. It would be more exciting to see if Cortana can handle as good as Amazon’s Alexa does.

Amazon’s Alexa integration with Windows 10 and Harmon Kardon is a bigger deal for the users. With Alexa introduction on Windows 10, Amazon shopping, package tracking, and voice control action would be more simplified. However, since this feature is still in preview, lots of features might not be available.

Microsoft and Amazon are aware of the limitations that this feature is currently dealing with and they are already working on it to overcome these limitations. Once Cortana gets IFTTT support, it is more likely that the overlap between both these assistants will become substantial.

It would be more encouraging for the Windows 10 users to share the feedback by just opening Cortana>Amazon Alexa Devices>Settings to type their feedback right to the team, handling the project. However, since this is the first move to integrate two voice assistants on the same platform, it’s still not sure that consumers will actually gonna love this feature.

As we know that change is the essence of life and it is the only cause behind the advancement of technology that we are utilizing. Let’s hope that the introduction of this feature would bring a better and much-improved voice control to the Windows 10 users. Microsoft and Amazon are taking the right action by considering the future of computing.

News Source: Windows Central

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