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A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Adobe is planning to launch a full version of Adobe Photoshop for iPad devices, which is currently limited by functions. It's Adobe new move to boost its current user base for its cloud-based subscription service. Adobe Photoshop is the part of Adobe creative cloud subscription-based service and has currently limited by certain functions only on iPad devices.

To use the full potential modern days computing we always need a pc or laptop, because most of the features available on Pcs or laptop is not fully functional on other mobile devices including mobile phones, Tablets & iPad.

Today at Bloomberg, Adobe on Friday has confirmed that it’s planning to launch a full version of Adobe Photoshop for iPad. As we know that Adobe Photoshop was only available for macOS on Apple devices only and until the release of Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad was limited in power and capabilities of handling a powerful app like Adobe Photoshop.

This move is considered as the newest strategy of Adobe to boost subscription sales of its graphics edition product by focusing on Mobile applications. Although the exact date for the release of Adobe Photoshop full version for iPad is still not confirmed it might be shown off later this year at Adobe’s MAX creative conference in October.

What Adobe officially said at Bloomberg?

According to the new report from Bloomberg, Adobe’s chief product officer of Creative Cloud Scott Belsky tells Bloomberg that a new “cross-platform iteration of Photoshop and other applications” are indeed being worked on, but wouldn’t give an exact timeline for it”.

Cloud Scott Belsky also told that “he is keen to get these on the market as soon as possible, There’s a lot required to take a product as sophisticated and powerful as Photoshop and make that work on a modern device like the iPad. We need to bring our products into this cloud-first collaborative era.”

How does this help Adobe to grow its users base?

As we know already that Adobe switched apps services to a cloud-based subscription model in 2012 that raised Adobe stock upward by 700 percent. Introducing Adobe Photoshop full version app for iPad is an effort by Adobe to grow its user base even further.

Adobe Photoshop is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service, which is currently offering limited function on iPad devices. Introducing a full version of Adobe Photoshop for iPad may reduce the gap between PCs and iPad devices in terms of functionality.

What do you think about the new move by Adobe on introducing a fully functional Adobe Photoshop app for iPad? Do you believe Introducing a full version of Adobe Photoshop on iPad will change the current perspective of iPad devices? Share your personal opinion in the comment box below to let us know your take on Adobe latest move. 

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